Tea was first introduced in the Botanic Gardens at Entebbe, Uganda in 1909, but commercial cultivation didn't begin until the late 1920s, when Brooke Bond began extensive plantings.

With its temperate climate and rich soil, Uganda grows some of the world's top quality tea.  But in the 1970s tea productions nearly stopped due to warfare, economic upheaval, and the government's expulsion of many Asian owned tea estates.
In the early 1980s, British businessman and entrepreneur, Mitchell Cotts returned to Uganda and formed the Toro and Mityana Tea Co., (Tametco), a joint venture with the government.

 Today, one of the country's largest tea producers is Uganda Tea Corporation, Limited (UTCL), headed   The company owns and operates three large estates:  Kasuku, Luwala, and Salaama, located in the Mukono and Jinja Districts.