Promoting Trust & Developing Relationships

At Tropics Of Tea we work closely with farmers to develop their trust and build a partnership together.  We believe in sustainability of relationships and promoting long term strategic planning to ensure that the farmers livelihood is protected for many years to come.

Promoting Trade not Aid

The private sector, providing jobs enables people to earn a steady wage so that they can provide for their families and move away from reliance on charity. For the farmers it enables them to feel empowered and therefore their communities thrive when money they make circulates in the village and boosts their local economy. Trillions of dollars has been given as aid money to sub-Saharan African nations over the last 50 years but many of these countries remain poor and more in debt than ever before. Business creates opportunity, drives the need for the development of resources and infrastructure and enables business owners to create wealth. Tropics of Tea is dedicated to inspiring business owners to create jobs and create a lasting legacy for their community.

Promoting Ethical Supply Chains

Smallholder famers are now the primary global tea producers and nowhere moreso than in the tea growing countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Smallholder farmers receive very little money because within the supply chain, most of the value of tea is at the retail level. Buying directly from the farmers cuts out the intermediary suppliers who tend to squeeze the farmers profits, the intermediary themselves having to ensure they can sell the tea on at a reasonable price to brand names who also want to drive down prices.

Buying directly from the farmers therefore helps us to ensure they are paid comprehensively for their work. It also helps us at Tropics Of Tea, to be able to monitor and maintain the quality of crop and the quality of the tea we source. Knowing the source of where the tea comes from offers reassurance to us as a company and to you as our customers, that we are sourcing and you are drinking, the finest, quality tea from a named tea estate, knowing the farmers who made it all possible.