Purple Leaf Tea Kenya

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Purple Leaf Tea Kenya

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Origin: Rolling green fields of Nandi Hills, Kenya Elevation: 6700ft above sea level
Tea Master: Jacob & Boaz Katah
Plucking Standard: Exclusively hand-plucked

Tea grade: Rare, Superior whole leaf


Water: 80 ̊C
Tea: 3-5g per cup of water. 1-2 tea spoons Infusion: 3 Minutes
Steeps: 2-3 infusions
Add: A drop of lemon to intensify the purple colour


Multiple infusions release flavours of juicy red grapes and purple plums.Add a few drops of lemon to the steeped tea, the super-antioxidants will react to enhance a beautiful purple/pink colour change.

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Purple leaves are extremely difficult to source and is one of the rarest teas in the world. We are one of the few farms producing this rare Purple Leaf plant in Kenya

The tea leaves are purple because of the anthocyanin flavonoids in the leaf. Anthocyanins are the colour pigments that are found in red-purple plants like grapes (wine) and blueberries.

The leaves are processed similar to a steamed Japanese Green Tea, only the purple leaves are hand-plucked from the bush and then steamed, rolled, and dried.

The leaf processing is unoxidized, so it contains high antioxidant catechin levels like regular green tea.

Purple Leaf tea has been classed as a superior grade tea to Green Tea